Council of Hindu Temples of North America  (CHTNA)

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CHTNA, The Council of Hindu Temples of North America was established to promote Hindu religious and cultural activities on the North American continent, especially to empower the management and development of Hindu Temples.  CHTNA is the umbrella organization of Hindu Temples on the North American continent with the goal of uniting all the Hindu temples under a common banner.

Started in 1983 based in New York. It is a Recognized 501 c-3 Non-Profit Hindu organization. Governed by 9 Board of Director Temples.


CHTNA - Annual Conference - May 2015

 Annual Meeting
Flint, Michigan
This Year

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If you are involved in Hindu Temple management and are thinking about joining CHTNA, visit our Benefits and Activities page to know more on CHTNA, the official representative of Hindu temples in the North American region.
North American Panchangam 2015

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